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Another Birth/Another Story

Women preparing for another birth after a difficult or traumatic birth will gain confidence by learning new approaches to the coming birth.  “Birth trauma is in the eye of the beholder.”  (Cheryl Beck)  Your story may be painful for you, yet look routine or ordinary to others. Laboring women want and deserve to be main characters in their child’s birth.  They look for attentive care and a sense of being cared about from their providers,  for clear communication, and for active involvement in decisions.

In this class, each parent will identify how those needs were met and/or not met in a difficult birth. They will learn about ways to approach providers and each other –  and birth itself –  to minimize the possibility of another trauma.

Instructors: Suzanne Swanson & Susan Lane
When: Thursday February 18th & 25th from 7:00-8:30pm
Where: Health Foundations, 968 Grand Ave. St. Paul
Cost: $60 per couple

To register: email Susan at (Please indicate the class title in the subject line of the email.) or call 612.810.1544   Watch for session later in spring, too.


The Skillful Couple Workshop:
Building A Lasting Source of Love & Companionship —
Jan 30th & Feb 6th

Two Saturday mornings from 9am-12:30pm, Minneapolis.  Based on John Gottman’s Relationship Research Institute’s. findings about successful marriages. Packed full of information & practice exercises to improve communication, understanding, & affection between partners. 
Helpful to any couple regardless of marital status 
or family configuration.

Informal integration groups offered as follow-up to workshop.
Presenters: Donna Corbo, Life Connections & Krista Post, MA, LP.

For more information: 612-296-3800
.pdf flyer available on website.


Help Build Awareness of Perinatal Mood Disorders,
Donate to Jenny’s

Jennys Light1

Today, December 19th, is the 2nd Anniversary of the passing of Graham & Jenny Gibbs Bankston due to postpartum depression. Please consider contributing to the effort to educate & build awareness of perinatal mood disorders:


HealthEast/UofM Sponsored Study Seeking Women with Infants (0-6mos) For Study on Impact of Peer Support on Postpartum Depression

As social support is so important for depressed individuals, this study will test the benefit of 2 peer support interventions – peer telephone support and in-home postpartum doula support – on postpartum depression outcomes.  Participants will be randomized to 3 groups: peer telephone support, postpartum doula, or a control group; participating mothers will have a 2/3 chance of getting peer support in addition to their usual depression care.

Providers are asked to refer a woman by first informing her of the study using the Study flyer-Provider.pdf, and then obtaining consent to give research coordinators her contact information. Researchers recommend providers refer women directly given that depression likely inhibits motivation to initiate such an action. Women willing and able to self-refer can contact research coordinators themselves using the Study flyer-Participants.pdf. A research assistant will then call women to further determine eligibility and willingness to participate.

Providers wanting more information regarding this study can contact Dwenda Gjerdingen, MD, 580 Rice St., St. Paul, MN 55103; 651-223-7327.

Providers and mothers wanting to provide contact information for participation in study can call the Research phone line: 612-624-3129, or fill out Study flyer-Participants.pdf and fax to: 612-624-1466 (attn: Sherri).


Winter/Spring Courses offered by Seeds of Mindfulness,

Judith Lies, LMFT include:  Introductory Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction, Deepening Mindfulness, Mindful Parenting, and monthly Days of Mindfulness.  Check the website for for details.

Questions contact Judith at 612-343-1623


The Skillful Couple Series —
Building a Lasting Source of Love & Companionship:
A Workshop for Parents

Two Saturday Mornings
Nov 21st & Dec. 12th, 2009 — 9:15 to 12:30pm

St. Louis Park Location

Led by Donna Corbo, Life Connections & Krista Post, MA, LP

This workshop teaches how to make a harmonious and long-lasting relationship, and how to create a loving, secure parenting cradle for your children. Designed by the Gottman Relationship Research Institute, it is research-based and provides information that reflects what works for real people.  Fee: $160 (Includes workshop materials).

Workshop details:
To register: Call Krista Post, (612) 296-3800, or email:


PPSM Receives Grant Funding from Jenny’s Light!

Jennys Light1

October 22, 2009

We are so pleased to let you know that Pregnancy and Postpartum Support Minnesota has been chosen by Jenny’s Light to receive a 2009/2010 grant that provides funds for our MN Perinatal Mental Health Resource List and for the development of our website.   The granting letter said “We think it’s so important that a comprehensive resource list (and website) is made available and distributed to those people who are most likely to recognize a struggling mother and direct her toward getting help. . . . We applaud your efforts in all you are doing in the field of perinatal mood disorders and we are excited to be a part of your mission.”

We are, in turn, excited to be a part of Jenny’s Light’s mission –

Our mission is to improve & save lives by increasing awareness of all perinatal mood disorders, including postpartum depression.

Please visit to learn more about their many projects and activities in service to that mission.

Thank you so much, Jenny’s Light, for the profound work you do nationwide, and for helping us to bring resources to Minnesota mothers and their families, and to providers.

Suzanne Swanson PhD, LP
Krista Post MA, LP


Amazing Marriage 101:

With Maureen Campion: Blooma Yoga Studio, Sun Oct 25th, 1:30-3PM.

Does it feel like having kids makes marriage harder? The research says that marital satisfaction takes a hit when the kids are little. Come check out this positive, entertaining look at what makes
marriage tick. Please pre-register.Fee: $25/individual; $40/couple

Limited childcare available, call 952-848-1111 to request. Register online:


Twin Cities Birth & Baby Expo —
October 10th, 2009

Come see PPSM at the TC Birth & Baby Expo!

This event is organized by the Twin Cities chapter of the International Cesarean Awareness Network. The purpose of this event is to connect local families with empowering, multicultural resources and education that promote healthy birth and parenting and to celebrate the transformative experience of becoming parents.

Exhibitors will include birth professional, parenting resources, natural products, wellness services, support groups, & more.

October 10, 2009 — 10am to 5pm. Midtown Global Market (Lake & Chicago Aves), Minneapolis. Free Admission.


Parenting Class for Pregnant Partners —
Beginning in October 2009:

Bringing Baby Home & Beyond

A dynamic fun workshop series that helps pregnant partners and parents navigate the surprises, joys and challenges of parenting and partnering. Backed by scientific research & proven success to help parents positively and profoundly impact their child’s life as well as enriching their own relationship. It was developed by renowned psychologist Dr. John Gottman and a team of family relationship experts.

The next Workshop series is in October and is hosted by HealthEast Care System at Woodwinds Health Campus in Woodbury. It is split into two weekends and any or all of the sections can be taken to fit your needs. It is designed for both partners to attend together.

Saturday, October 17
Section 1: Newborn Know-How and New Parents Survival Guide

Learn crucial skills helpful for the transformation into parenthood. Find out how to: connect, understand baby’s cues, soothe a crying baby, massage, nurture yourselves, prevent or lighten the baby blues. Receive: local support & resources, the latest research on safe sleep solutions. Research found, parents that took the BBH workshop decreased the incidence of postpartum depression by more than 50%.

Section 2: Emotional Intelligence, Healthy Attachment, & 
Father’s Parenting Styles
Learn how positive and responsive parenting promotes self-confidence, greater physical health, better performance in school and healthier social relationships. How positive paternal involvement & style of play uniquely influences their child’s development toward better self-control, higher verbal ability, and more empathy as adults.

Saturday, October 24
Section 3: How to Build a Superb & Long-Lasting Relationship/How to Create a Secure Parenting Cradle

Based upon Dr. John Gottman’s best selling books and 3+ decades of intensive research on enhancing family dynamics: His straight forward and profound principles teach parents new and remarkable strategies to enrich family relationships and become the best parenting team they can be.

For more information & registration please contact:
Donna Corbo, Certified Educator & Parenting/Relationship Consultant
Director, Life Connections


Amma Maternity Opening Comprehensive Center —
For Expecting & New Parents in Edina

Childbirth classes, fitness, mom and baby groups, breastfeeding help, playgroup time, and a boutique are finally under one roof! On January 4th Amma Maternity will open its doors to new and expecting parents from throughout the Metro.
A collaboration of OB, nurse-midwifery, mental health, breastfeeding, and parenting specialists have crafted a one-stop center for the childbearing year. Amma Maternity offers a full menu of “hospital-neutral” childbirth and baby preparation classes and has partnered with Methodist Hospital to serve all of their patients. New parents can join a mom and baby class (taught by Registered Nurses), get breastfeeding help, meet up with friends at playgroup, and enjoy workshops of interest to new parents. Prenatal and postnatal fitness classes will run several times a week, and experts can help pick out just the right items in the boutique.
Immediate postpartum support is critical to new mothers. Our New Mama Class has mothers enrolling as early as 4 days postpartum, and the weekly sessions provide them with much-need support and information. Instructors with obstetric backgrounds play a key role in the detection of postpartum mood disorders and can quickly help a mother find help and resources.
See the full menu of classes and support services at, or call (952) 926-BABY